Parlor Cats.  They were suited to perfection, the Victorian ideal of home and hearth. Throughout this romantic period, Queen Victoria was quite an influence in the popularity of cats. Whatever Victoria did became the thing to do. Though cats were thought of as the hunter in the family, that soon began to change.

Have you ever seen vintage photos of a tabby dressed in a top hat? Or a white persian covered in blue bows? These images can date back almost a 100 years!

Victorian Cats

Emily Dickinson’s cat “Ann I. Hilation”


My mice posed twice before I posed
To pounce upon their breed.
If Immortality exposed
A third attempt by me,

So huge, so hopeful a leap,
As these mice twice befell.
Eating is all I know of rodents,
And all I need to tell.

From the anthology Feles Maximus
Dana Palladino 9-13-97