~12 days of Christmas~


Since that Christmas is almost here, I figured that I’d make a few posts about this festive holiday.

Happy Holidays Everyone!

Here’s the line-up:

Day 1: A Christmas Story- excerpt from “Little Women”

Day 2: Holidays Treats #1

Day 3: Holiday Outfits- fashion tips

Day 4: A Christmas Song- The “Favorites”

Day 5: Christmas Movie List- “Favorites”

Day 6: Christmas Decorations

Day 7: Christmas Wrapping- Bows, paper, tape!

Day 8: Christmas plants: An introduction

Day 9: “How to make” Post- Involves crafts and fun!

Day 10: Christmas Cards

Day 11: Holiday treats #2

Day 12: A secret Surprise ❤

DAY 1: A Christmas Story- excerpt from “Little Women”

From Little Women

“Merry Christmas, little daughters! I’m glad you began at once, and hope you will keep on. But I want to say one word before we sit down. Not far away from here lies a poor woman with a little new-born baby. Six children are huddled into one bed to keep from freezing, for they have no fire. There is nothing to eat over there; and the oldest boy comes to tell me they are suffering hunger and cold. My girls, will you give them your breakfast as a Christmas present?”

Louisa May Alcott


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