Day 3: Holiday Outfits-Fashion Tips


Day 3: Holiday Outfits

As the weather gets colder, you usually end finding yourself in extra layers. Sometimes layers can be too much. So, I always find it handy to keep these items in my bag:

The Basics

*Scarves: I must have 5 or 6 of these! In all lengths! I tend to get brightly colored ones~

*Mittens/Gloves: I always buy 2-3 pairs, in different colors. You can also get matching hats or scarves to go with them!

*Ear muffs: A cute accessory, it also keeps your ears warm~

*Hats: A must! 90% of your body heat escapes through your upper body.

*Shoes/Boots: Whether you are wearing regular shoes or boots, it’s best to get something that keeps you warm. Try to get boots that are water-poof. Even rain boots are nice! (You can always add your own flair to them~)

*Legwarmers: You either love them or hate them. In my opinion, I find these to be very comfortable. They are great for going on walks or even just lounging around the house.

*Bloomers: My best friend! 😀 They keep your thighs warm and they also add a little modesty~ We don’t want anyone peeking 😉 Bloomers can come in many colors and styles. White and Black being traditional, you may also find a pair with an ice-cream cone print!


Now that the holiday season is here, I see a lot of people (mostly women) wearing Christmas jewelry. Those kinds of things are nice and traditional. I also see a lot of greens and reds, the typical holiday colors.

Lately, I have been expanding my wardrobe’s color scheme. It can to my attention that I’ve been wearing the same kinds of colors for such a long time.

Here is a guide to help you grow into some new colors:

*Go through your closet, examine which color clothing you have the most of.

*Take a look at a this color wheel:


*Now, I suggest that you pick a color that is opposite from what you have already. (eg. say that you have a lot of green in your closet, you would then choose red)

*Next, I suggest that you start out small. Get a feel for your new color! Pick out some jewelry, bows, socks. Even a new pair of shoes~

***Please note that your items do not have to be the same shade! They can be dark or light!

Christmas Motifs:

One reason why I love the holiday season is it’s holiday motifs~ You can find animals, fruits, flowers, it can go on!

Here are a list of things you mind like to add to your outfit:

*Flowers: Poinsettias, Holly hock, Pine, Mistletoe ♥

*Birds: Doves, Cardinal, Blue-jays, Swallows

*Woodland creatures: Squirrels, Deer, Bunnies, Foxes, Bears

*Ribbons, Trim, Lace, Wrapping Paper Prints (Especially vintage prints)

*Crosses, Angels

*Snowflakes, Icicles, Snow people, Ice skates, frost

*Victorian prints: Usually involving Santa, Presents, Kittens, elves

*Bells, Harps, Violins

*Candles, sparkles

*Hot Cocoa, tea, spices, mince meat pies, pastries, cookies, desserts

*Stocking, Ornaments, Berries

Now then, I hope that I have helped you get a new start in your wardrobe! Go out and have fun~ (^____^)

I've chosen "Pink" as my new inspiration



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