Day 6: Christmas Decorations


Day 6: Christmas Decorations

In spirit of the Holiday Season, I have decided to decorate my whole  house with Christmas Decorations. I’ve made bows, snowflakes, and christmas trees.

~My Christmas Lights~

What makes your home so inviting during the holidays? Is it the mistletoe by the front door? Or the Christmas lights on your tree?

Here, I’ve gathered a few ideas to share with you. Some of old tradition and some of the new.

Christmas Decorations

  • Create a beautiful Victorian Christmas tree with garlands of pearls, silk roses, feathered birds and clip-on candles.
  • Make snowflakes out of colored paper! Then sprinkle with glitter~ Hang them all about the house, or your room!
  • Make a simple bow garland ♥

    Traditional Garland

  • Put out some Holiday candles. Different scents in each room~ (I suggest 2-3 candles, so that it’s not too strong) Cranberry, Cinnamon, Vanilla, and Pumpkin are great scents ♥
  • Hang some of your Christmas ornaments in your room~ Make a theme! (Like winter wonderland or victorian christmas)
  • Put up some Christmas lights in each room(excluding the bathroom- you don’t want an accident!) It doesn’t have to be big~ The lights will add some Christmas cheer to your home
  • Make a Christmas card display~ With bells and ribbons!

    Modern Christmas Card Display

    Enjoy all of your Christmas Decorations~ ♥

    Day 7: Christmas Wrapping- Bows, paper, tape!


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