Day 7: Christmas Wrapping- Bows, paper, tape


Day 7: Christmas Wrapping- Bows, paper, tape!

Finding presents under the Christmas tree is always exciting ♥ Little bows with different colored wrapping paper. A Christmas card hanging from a tree branch. Even some yummy confection in your stocking!

Now, would all of this be interesting if your presents weren’t wrapped?

That’s what I thought 😉

Today’s post is going to show you how some ideas and tips on wrapping your holiday gifts:

  • Doily Gift wrap– For an extra touch of whimsy, wrap gifts with doilies.


  • Homemade confections are twice as nice when delivered in pudding molds, loaf pans, and other culinary containers. You can find a variety of types and sizes at kitchen-supply stores. Long after the contents are devoured, the equipment will still be useful.

    Christmas Goodies

  • Gift tags are all the sweeter when they happen to be crisp cookies. To make them, cut gingerbread dough into shapes or letters, punch with a small hole for threading with cord, and bake. The cookies can be eaten while the unwrapping takes place, or hung on a tree as ornaments.

Yummy gift tags

How to make a fabric gift bag

1. Cut two pieces of your fabric and two pieces of the lining material all to the same size. Any size, any shape rectangle. A variety of sizes is useful, and square or “close to square” rectangles are the most versatile shapes.

2. Put each fabric piece on top of each lining piece, fold over the top edges and sew. Just the top edges. Now you’ve hemmed the opening edge of the Gift Bag.

3. Stack both sets of fabric with the lining (inside) faces to the outside. The decorative fabric pieces will be facing each other on the inside of the “sandwich”. Be sure the hemmed edges are both on top. Sew the three un-hemmed edges with a simple running stitch, 1/4″ in from the edge.

4. Turn inside out. Set a generous length of ribbon about 2″ down from the top, and tack it to the bag with a few stitches in the middle of the ribbon length.

Gift Bags- Instructions

♥  Good luck with all of your holiday gifts~

Stay tuned for:

Day 8: Christmas plants: An introduction


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