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Purple Theme ❤



Hello everyone!

I am terribly sorry for not updating! (T___T)

Here are some photos of my “Daily Outfits”. There have been a few where I wasn’t able to get some photos. I bought a nice memory card for my camera, so that will work just fine!

As of other news, I am hosting a Christmas Card Exchange this year! So far, I have over 60 people on my list! I am planning to make 10 cards a day. (*___*) This is going to be so much fun!

Here’s the link, for more info:



My First Burando! I love it <3

My First Brand! I love it ❤

This color works with everything! It’s so wonderful!

Lovely details

Lovely details

Bustle, hell yea!

A little bustle

I am in love ❤

Hello! This weekend was great! I met up with Meagan and Emily. *___* We got our tickets around 9:30 (like they told us! But apparently they started giving them out around 8:30). There was a large group of lolitas hanging out and we decided to go chat for a while. I was so surprised to see only 4 Kodonas! I thought that there would be more than that!

The actual Opening for NEW PEOPLE didn’t start until 11am. (Everything was so disorganized) After the breaking of the sake barrel, everyone headed to the food tents. I found some tasty tofu onigiri (Rice Ball).

When BABY opened, people were rushing everywhere. All of the LP’s (Lucky packs) were gone! (u.u) I found out that the AC was not working and I stood in line for 2 1/2 hours!  When I arrived at the register, I gave the BABY Fan Book to Mr. Isobe. He looked very tired, and I was worried that he might not like the Fan Book. He in fact said “Thank you!” in english. One of the translators told him about the Fan Book and he nodded. (I wanted to give it to him when he wasn’t so busy. ) So, I am glad that it went well!

On the way out, I saw Misako-san. She looked so beautiful! I went up to the security guard and asked if I could give her a gift and he said it was fine. *_____* There were a lot of people taking photos of Misako-san. I waited until they were done, and I walked up to her. “Hello Misako-san!” I said. “I have a gift for you! I hope that you like it!” She looked at me and asked “Oh! Present! Thank you!” She went on saying “Kawaii!” “Sugoi!”

Angelica, one of the BABY employees, came up to me and asked if I wanted to show Misako-san the Fan Book. (How could I say no to that?!) 😀 Angelica explained to Misako-san that the girls in the fan book were from all over the world. (We tried really hard to explain it to her in english) (u.u) All I could say was “Hajimemashite!- Nice to meet you!” Misako-san seemed really happy ^__^ I asked her about the weather and she said that she didn’t like the hot weather. (She didn’t have any water either)  I felt really bad for her. (;_;) Angelic took a photo for me ❤ She is so kind! ***Thank you so much***

It was worth it though! I bought a nice AntP OP. It’s blue *___________* and so pretty!

Here are some photos for the BABY Opening!